Fat Head Dough

Fat Head Dough

Keto Compatible


  • 2 Cups shredded mozzarella, divided
  • 2 Tbs cream cheese
  • 1 egg
  • ¾ Cup almond flour

Soften (almost melt) the cheese in the microwave.  30 seconds from room temperature, or more from refrigerator.  Beat the egg and mix into the cheese.  Mix in the almond flour.  It is perfectly fine to re-soften in the microwave if the mixture gets stiffer than you like.

Use like any other dough.  Roll out to pizza crust, roll thin to make crackers, etc.

Cooking temperature in the oven is best at 425.  Watch it carefully and remove the instant you see it turning tan with light brown edges if you want it soft.  If you are making crackers, watch even more carefully to determine your own oven’s performance making them crispy without burning.  Crackers will stay good to eat for at least a week, in my experience.


  • use parchment paper to roll out, as this will stick to the rolling pin.  Spray some nonstick or very very lightly oil the parchment paper if it sticks – it is mainly cheese, after all.
  • line your cookie sheet with parchment paper so that the pizza crust, crackers, or whatever doesn’t stick and ruin your cooking enjoyment.
  • I have deep-fried these as crackers, and find that any thinner than 1/8 inch just disintegrates in the fryer.  If you do this, eat immediately (with home made sour cream ranch dip) as these deep fried ones don’t keep well.

There is no single source for this recipe.  This is what works best for me, personally.

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