Keto Gourmet

I am NOT trying to get page views.  I am making a repository for mainly myself and my family.

I am fed up with the recipe websites that drag out a whole story with ads between every paragraph that takes forever to scroll through and pop up while you are trying to get the information.

So, since it is not possible to copyright an instructions-only recipe I am listing my favorites here.  And, since I’m not ungrateful, I post a direct link to where I found a recipe for those who want to waste time scrolling through ads.  Type “keto” into the search for full list.  Most recipes come from posts to

“Keto Compatible” = An Actual Keto Recipe

“Keto Friendly” = Won’t break your Carb macro if you are careful

I don’t usually include the macros:

  1. Because I’m a Lazy Keto sort.
  2. You may modify the recipe and change the numbers I would otherwise calculate.